There are some general Do’s and Don’ts many programmers wish they had when they were starting out – projects that involve Open sources or programming in the corporate world, there are some tips that can be part of your checklist  that may help you clarify things better. Avoid Generic Commit Messages A simple message like […]


Every programmer needs a space or a community where they can ask questions about the problems they are facing while writing code or working out programming issues. Just like when we come across a brick wall in our field of work, we turn to Google or friends who would be knowledgeable in the field, programmers […]


This is a Programming language and integrated development environment for many applications which include for desktops, laptops, mobile, console and web applications. For those who are new to the world of programming, here’s an easy break up of what Delphi is and does. What is Delphi? Borland Delphi is a development tool for various Microsoft […]