Bar Stools Models: The Choices For You

The presence of a bar stool was able to give a ‘welcome’ message, which made everyone, both family members and people who came to visit the house feel warmly welcomed. Couple bar stools and counter tables in the dining room, as well as your home kitchen, can warm the atmosphere in the house. There are several best bar stools for kitchen island models that you can choose and adapt to the needs and desires of designing your kitchen, especially for industrial kitchen appearance.

Minimalist bar stools

The design of a minimalist bar stool with thin iron legs and wooden seating is perfect for your industrial-style house that is designed with a focus on the look of wood and concrete that looks unfinished. Even with thin metal legs, this bar stool remains strong and is able to support heavy loads.

Classic bar stool

Windsor-style bar stools made entirely of wood, give a classic and natural look. This bar stool design is also suitable for your industrial style house. The Windsor-style bar stool can be characterized by a chair backrest model made of round logs connected by inserting the wood into a pre-made hole. The touch of pastel color in this bar stool can also give a contemporary color and appearance to your home kitchen.

Aluminum bar stool

This aluminum bar stool design gives a classic and contemporary look, which can be an interesting blend of industrial style in your home. Its slightly curved backrest guarantees relaxed, comfortable bar stools to sit on. The more comfortable it is to spend time gathering together at the home counter.

Vintage bar stool

The brass finish gives this bar tool an elegant and cool look. The brass material also makes the bar stool look antique. Conjuring your home’s industrial style is more classy and beautiful. Add a touch of simple wall lights close to seat placement. Surely your room will look more perfect.

Pop bar stool

Height is the attraction of the bar stool that distinguishes it from the other chairs. What if this high chair doesn’t even have the height that fits your desk? Luckily, this bar stool offers a height that can be adjusted to your liking. You can adjust the height freely.

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