Do These Two Things To Get A Cool Home Even Without Air Conditioner

At present, air and weather in some regions are indeed very hot. This makes many people choose to use the air conditioner in their homes. However, when the air conditioner is damaged or dirty, then you must immediately handle it. At you can handle your damaged or dirty air conditioner.

Hot weather and the air conditioner being cleaned does make you uncomfortable. But some of these methods you can try to make the house cooler.

1. Set the window curtain
The window becomes one of the air circulation places and also the light in the house.
By closing the window curtain, it will make the room temperature decrease so that the house is cooler. This is especially helpful in homes with windows facing west and south.

2. Unplug the unused power cord
Various types of electronic cable on the plug will produce heat. If the cable is left attached to the plug but not used, it will continue to carry electricity and heat so that it will affect the temperature in the room.