Designing a sturdy home foundation

A beautiful house requires a strong foundation design so that it can still stand firm without experiencing cracks, damage or even house breakdown as a result of a weak foundation structure. The architecture of the house that has been designed with a huge size will certainly be useless if it is not balanced with the planning of the foundation in accordance with the conditions building, here is the order of the calculation of the home foundation structure. Apart from that, perhaps you want to check out the free foundation repair estimate in Dallas TX as well.

Land investigation and house plans

The soil test is used to find out the type of soil in the location to be built, in high-rise buildings also needed data on the depth of hard soil surface and groundwater level to plan the dimensions and depth of the pile foundation.

Determine the type of foundation

The type of foundation used should be in accordance with the conditions of the house above it. For example, for a one-story house can use a type of stone foundation, a two-story house needs to add a foot plate foundation just below the column structure while for high-rise buildings can use pile foundation. The type of foundation is also influenced by the soil conditions that will be built by the house whether it is hard or soft soil.

Calculate the load of a house

After determining the type of foundation to be used, the next step is to calculate the total building of the house that will stand on the foundation structure, the burden calculated includes dead load such as the weight of the building material and furniture, living load such as the weight of the worker, wind load and earthquake load also need to be calculated so can be used as a calculation data for strong house foundations.

Calculation of foundation dimensions

The building load obtained is then used as a basis for calculating the size of a strong foundation dimension, the size chosen as small as possible but still strong enough to withstand the structure of the house, it is intended to be able to build strong houses at low cost.

Finally, you just need to Draw foundation details and execute the Implementation of home foundation work.