Storing your items in the kitchen cabinet

Reluctant to linger in the kitchen because the room is messy and seems narrow? Maybe it’s time you rearrange your kitchen. The first thing that can be done is to arrange the placement of items in the cabinet. The tips that we’re going to share with you might help you to make the kitchen easier and better organized. Activities in the kitchen also become more comfortable. Apart from that, don’t hesitate to rent a self storage service when there’s no more space to store items in your house.

1. If your kitchen consists of a kitchen set with more than one cabinet, starting from one end of the cabinet. Remove all contents from the cabinet.

2. Determine what you will place in the first cabinet. Are tableware, cooking utensils, food or cleaning equipment? You must group items in each cabinet. For example, the first cabinet specifically for glassware and the second cabinet for food.

3. Research the items and food ingredients that you have issued. Check if there are damaged and cracked items or foods that have expired. We recommend that you immediately get rid of goods or foods that are not feasible to use to save space.

4. If you have determined what the cabinet will be used to store, give a label on the cabinet door. For example, if the food is stored in the cabinet, put a label that says ‘Food’. Do not place items other than food in the cabinet. Likewise with other cabinets. You must emphasize the discipline of yourself as well as family members.

5. Arrange the parts in your cabinet. Only place items that are important and often used. A rusty frying pan or a spatula with a broken handle should not be placed in the cabinet. Just store it in a warehouse or donate it to a carpenter.

6. For kitchen spices such as salt, sugar, pepper, oil or soy sauce, store it in an airtight container, then arrange it in a cabinet. This method will make it easier for you to look for it when cooking compared to storing it directly in the package. Besides being unsightly, the possibilities of spices will also be scattered and make the kitchen look dirty.