Avoid Consuming These Foods Excessively If You Don’t Want Diarrhea

Usually, many people who do not deal with diarrhea they feel correctly because they feel diarrhea is not a disease that must be handled properly. In fact, no matter how severe diarrhea is felt, it must be handled very well. In fact, you have to know cara mengatasi diare in order to handle it very well.

Another thing you also need to know about diarrhea is that there are some foods that if consumed in excess will cause diarrhea. Some of the food in question is

1. Oranges
Citrus fruit is a fruit that contains acid in it, consuming a certain amount of citrus can cause stress in the digestive tract, and eventually cause diarrhea.

2. Nuts
Nuts are not new in causing diarrhea. This is because nuts are one type of food that is difficult to digest, eventually making the stomach become bloated and diarrhea then attacks.

3. Garlic
In garlic contains soluble fiber which produces gas in the digestive system. Consuming or using large amounts of garlic can cause diarrhea