Do You Like Listening to Classical Music? This is the Benefit

Music is a medium that can express human expression, both happy, sad, angry, and others. There is no doubt that music can arouse one’s emotions in a different and interesting way. Well, this music also has various types, such as classical music, pop music, dangdut music, and so on. But the music that is most popular or liked by people from some types of music is classical music. Why is classical music? Because classical music is music that has a positive impact on the listener. We can feel this impact both physically and mentally. Here are the benefits of listening to classical music. If you want to listen to music, you can buy ballerina music boxes.


Music does not always make a child smart, the development and intelligence level of a human brain lies in various factors, such as biological and environmental factors. But thus, melodies in classical music can help the human brain to think. According to the results of Don Campbell’s research, a musician and educator with his colleague, Dr. Alfred Tomatis. Classical music is proven to be able to optimally improve human brain and intellectual function. Because music can stimulate the development of brain cells that are very important in the development of the brain. The most rapid time is that it occurs early in pregnancy until the baby is three years old.

In addition, listening to favorite classical music for 30 minutes can help release the hormone endorphin to relieve pain and reduce stress. Where when listening to classical music, some parts of the body’s organs will relax and can make breathing become regular. Therapy with classical music is very safe and cheapest to reduce stress.

The study found a connection between listening to classical music with a slowdown in the occurrence of senility in the work of the human brain. If we listen to classical music for 20-30 minutes, it can increase activity in brain genes associated with memory and learning in school. Even so, these results must be further investigated in connection with this fact.

When you listen to classical music, you unconsciously train your right brain to balance your left brain. Although there is no evidence that listening to classical music can educate the brain, but with classical music therapy, can train the right brain work system.