How to Anti-Stress When Packing When Moving Home

Moving items to storage places before going to a new home is a common thing lately. Especially for those of you who have to move immediately while your new house is not ready to live. You can just stay temporarily at the hotel, but what about your belongings? Therefore, self-storage now has many enthusiasts.

The days before moving home, everything became messy. You become confused about what items must be taken and left behind. Start the hassle of arranging your belongings into a box so that you can get into the transporting car. Don’t be confused or stressed out, these anti-stress house-moving tips for you:

– Make a list of items that will be carried when moving house
Before you pack a box or cardboard, make a simple recording system. Create numbers and cardboard contents that will be numbered with each number. You can make the list with the help of a computer so you can just print with the printer. Paste the numbers with the help of tape and scissors on each box that has been packed. Don’t forget to save the contents list properly, in an affordable place if at any time you forget to put it where.

– Save Priority Items in Your Usual Bag
Try entering items that are very important and personal such as money, passports, important documents and so on in a special bag or storage box that you can carry around, making it easier for you to reach these items. Besides that, you can also put it in a transparent plastic container or organizer. So you know exactly where your important items are.

– Pack Your Goods Long Before the Date of Moving Home
It’s time to sort out which items have to be put in the box well before moving house. Suppose you move in March or April, you can pack decorations for Eid or Christmas. Of course, you will not wear the decoration after moving house. Then, trim the cooking utensils that are rarely used. This method will make it easier for you to pay for the preparation of your items.